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BLADE Gaming



5/5  D20

BLADE is what I imagined a game store would look as a kid but ten times cooler. From the colorful walls (including a really awesome mural) to the strands of lights hanging from the ceiling, BLADE just screams game store to me! And let’s not forget all the blades… my inner fantasy geek is jumping up and down in joy at the thought of all the swords, daggers and sabers displayed throughout the store. They have tables in the front of the store for playing TCGs like Magic & Pokémon and another section of tables in the back for playing board games. Plus, a wall of snacks, including all the PopTart flavors you could want! Honestly, if I lived closer this would be my go to game store.


5/5  D20

I’ve been to BLADE on several occasions and every time I’ve entered the store I’ve been greeted by at least one, if not multiple people working in the store. When I’m browsing the shelves of board games, someone comes up to me and asks if they can help me find something. I’ve never felt like interacting with me has been an inconvenience for the staff.


4/5  D20

Looking for TCGs, how about some board games, or what about an RPG? They’ve got them all from Magic the Gathering & Flesh and Blood, to Ticket to Ride & Catan, to Dungeons & Dragons. And did I mention the board games? The main focus of the store seems to be on TCGs and Board Games. But they do have a small selection of miniatures, too.


5/5  D20

BLADE hosts multiple events every week (FNM, Pokémon Battles, Yu-Gi-Oh!) and the winners of those events get to have their pictures taken with the blade of their choice. They host learn to play events for newer players, and on occasion have special events, such as a professional magician.

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