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10/20  D20


2/5  D20

Who’s idea of a game store is this? Definitely not mine. Want to browse for singles? Get in line to use one of the kiosks. Want to check out some board games? Here’s a table with some games on top that you might be able to try, but I’m not sure since they have a price tag on them, too. (I was super confused by this.. are these open-box for sale or do I need to pay $18 to play in the store for a couple hours?) They had tables and chairs in the center of the space for playing, but it didn’t feel like anything special. They had old Magic promotional materials hanging around the store and in the windows. The store front was clean and they had hand sanitizer stationed around the play area, so that’s a plus, but where is the product? A handful of sealed product behind the counter, a few board games on a small shelf & a kiosk to look-up single cards… this feels more like someone moved their garage business into a store front and didn’t have enough product to fill the space. (What is going on with these big name stores having WPN Premium status and not feeling premium at all?)


2/5  D20

The staff that were behind the counter were talking to one another the entire time we were in the store. They did ask if they could help us find anything when we neared the counter while we browsed.


2/5  D20

I was not impressed… unless there was some secret room I wasn’t aware of filled with products the lack of selection was appalling. I love looking at the artwork on Magic & Pokémon singles or reading the backs of board games. That wasn’t an option at Cool Stuff. I did some digging and discovered that you can use the kiosks to order from their online inventory for pick-up the next day, but that kinda defeats the purpose of going to the store for me. I can order online from anywhere.


4/5  D20

Cool Stuff hosts FNM and board game nights. They also create articles about MTG and share deck lists from recent events for the community to view.

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