Sci-Fi City

Sci-Fi City

11/20  D20


3/5  D20

Sci-Fi City feels like walking into your friend’s basement to play games. While crowded with products, there’s something to be said for the dimmer lighting and sounds of games being played. It might not be for everyone, but walking into the store brings back some fond childhood memories for me.



2/5  D20

I wasn’t verbally greeted when I walked in the store, but the guy behind the counter gave us a head nod. I heard him interact with other customers, but he didn’t ask me if I needed help finding anything. He spent most of his time looking down at his cell phone. He did tell me to “have a nice day” when I left.



3/5  D20

Sci-Fi City has rows of board games, comic books, RPGs, miniatures & collectible figures. They have some sealed product for Magic & Pokémon but I didn’t see any singles for purchase.



3/5  D20

They have some events, but I didn’t see any flyers or signage in the store about weekly events and it was hard to tell from their Facebook page if they have ongoing, weekly events. Their social media seems to be geared more towards products available, than community building.

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