Star City Games

Star City Games

12/20  D20


2/5  D20

I’m going to be real honest here… I had some pretty high expectations for Star City and was kinda let down. It felt like walking into any random Barnes & Nobles or other such chain store that sells pop culture items. It did not feel like a game store to me. Rows of neatly stacked products with barely enough space to pass by someone in the aisles fill most of the store, which makes browsing hard. It’s clean and brightly lit but lacks any sense of branding or personality. It doesn’t feel like a WPN Premium store to me. I will admit I got suckered into the quarter machine that will pop out a random Magic card (I got a Kargan Intimidator).


1/5  D20

They get one point for not being outright rude and telling me to leave the store. No one greeted me when I entered. I wasn’t asked if I needed help finding anything and when I went to check out I had to tell the staff behind the counter that I was ready to pay for my purchase. The store wasn’t super busy, and I got the impression that the person who ended up waiting on me would rather continue talking to their coworkers than interact with me.


4/5  D20

Magic cards, check! Comic books, check! Funko Pops, got those too, as well as, a variety of other pop culture collectibles (Daryl Dixon pillowcase anyone?) And you can’t forget your sleeves, cases & playmats.


5/5  D20

Star City provides a ton of Magic content for the community, as well as hosts a variety of in-person and online Magic Events. Who doesn’t want to go to an SCG-Con? (It was my first big event and I even got to meet the Professor).

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